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Sleaford Castle

The Sleaford Castle Heritage Group (formed from the Sleaford & District Civic Trust and Sleaford Town Council) is engaged on a major project to bring Sleaford Castle into the public's view, improve accessibility and present the history of this interesting Norman Castle. The Group endeavours to learn as much as they can about the Castle's construction and its place in Sleaford's history.

An educational project, including a limited geophysical survey, was completed in 1993. There was also a successful project conducted in about 2018 on the Castle by pupils in years 7/8 at Carre's Grammar School and in June 2019, sixth form students participated in a limited geophysical survey of the site using resistivity techniques. The results from the survey encouraged the Group to undertake a full ground penetrating radar survey.

Entrance sign and the remains of Sleaford Castle at Castlefield.

Sleaford Neighbourhood Plan

Sleaford Neighbourhood Development Plan is led by a working group made up of residents, business representatives, community and faith groups and local councillors leads on the development of the town's Neighbourhood Development Plan. Click here to see the dedicated website.

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