• The Sleaford 1940s Day Event will be held at the William Alvey School on Saturday 3rd June 2023...
  • Councillor Anthony Brand was elected as Chairman of the Town Council at the Annual Meeting held on 24th May 2023....
  • Councillor David Suiter was elected as Vice Chairman of the Town Council at the Annual Meeting held on 24th May 2023....

Notification of Road Closures for Street Parties for the Coronation

Temporary Traffic Restriction: Lincolnshire (Various)

Please note it will be necessary to impose a temporary restriction as detailed below.




Road Closure Order in place on:

SP002 Holloway Avenue (Between Tipler Court & Windle Drive), Bourne 6/5/2023

SP008 West End, Swaton 6/5/2023

SP026 Millers Gate, Sibsey 6/5/2023

SP035 Highcliffe Road, Grantham 6/5/2023

SP039 The Paddock, Ruskington 6/5/2023

SP050 Valley Road (Between Dysart Road & a point 70m North), Grantham 6/5/2023

SP004 Bourne Road, Swinstead 7/5/2023

SP005 Church Lane, Scredington 7/5/2023

SP006 Church Road, Stow 7/5/2023

SP007 Cowgate, Heckington 7/5/2023

SP009 Grosvenor Road, Frampton 7/5/2023

SP010 Turnberry Close, Grantham 7/5/2023

SP011 Orchid Road, Lincoln 7/5/2023

SP012 Stocks Hill, Ludborough 7/5/2023

SP013 Westgate, Louth 7/5/2023

SP014 North Street, Digby 7/5/2023

SP015 Conduit Road (Between Emlyns Gardens & East Street), Stamford 7/5/2023

SP017 Main Street (Between 200m & 375m Southeast of A607), Honington 7/5/2023

SP018 High Street (Between Stow Road & School Lane), Willingham By Stow 7/5/2023

SP019 Mill Road, Welton Le Marsh 7/5/2023

SP020 The Grove, Lincoln 7/5/2023

SP021 Thonock Drive, Saxilby 7/5/2023

SP022 Chapel Lane, Morton (Near Gainsborough) 7/5/2023

SP023 Belle Vue Road, Lincoln 7/5/2023

SP024 School Lane, Newton 7/5/2023

SP025 Fen Road Metheringham 7/5/2023

SP027 West Barkwith Road (Main Street to a point 100m East), West Torrington 7/5/2023

SP028 Linden Walk, Louth 7/5/2023

SP029 Poppy Road, Witham St Hughs 7/5/2023

SP030 Mill Gate & High Street, Wellingore 7/5/2023

SP031 Cross Lane, North Hykeham 7/5/2023

SP032 Bowthorpe Close, South Hykeham 7/5/2023

SP033 Hervey Road, Sleaford 7/5/2023

SP034 Birkdale Close, Spalding 7/5/2023

SP037 Ickworth Road, Sleaford 7/5/2023

SP040 Queensfield, Gainsborough 7/5/2023

SP041 Welbeck Drive, Spalding 7/5/2023

SP043 Ashfield Road, Sleaford 7/5/2023

SP044 Welby Gardens, Grantham 7/5/2023

SP045 Cobblers Way, Sleaford 7/5/2023

SP046 Rosebery Avenue, Lincoln 7/5/2023

SP047 Holme Road/Kirton Holme Road (A52 to Golf Course), Kirton Holme 7/5/2023

SP049 Pools Drive, Sutterton 7/5/2023

SP051 High Street (Between Church Lane & Orchard Drive), Caythorpe 7/5/2023

SP003 Side Street, Allington 7/5/2023 & 8/5/2023

SP016 Sincil Bank (Between Scorer Street & South end of LNER Stadium), Lincoln 8/5/2023

SP036 Hamilton Way, Coningsby 8/5/2023

SP038 Queens Walk, Stamford 8/5/2023

SP042 Burdett Close, Skegness 8/5/2023

PERIOD OF RESTRICTION: Dates as listed above next to each location

(Restrictions to be implemented as & when required during periods above,

signage detailing accurate dates & times will be displayed on site in advance)


Diversion routes & vehicular/pedestrian access arrangements will be signposted

This information is also available in map form https://one.network/

If you have any queries, or require further information, please contact the LCC Customer Service Centre on 01522 782070.

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