• Councillor Anthony Brand was elected as Chairman of the Town Council at the Annual Meeting held on 24th May 2023....
  • Councillor David Suiter was elected as Vice Chairman of the Town Council at the Annual Meeting held on 24th May 2023....
  • The next Full Council Meeting for Sleaford Town Council will be held at 7.00pm on Wednesday 18th October 2023....
  • The Sleaford Christmas Market will be held on Sunday 3rd December 2023, from 11.00am to 4.30pm.....

Notification of Road Closures for Street Parties for the Coronation

Temporary Traffic Restriction: Lincolnshire (Various)

Please note it will be necessary to impose a temporary restriction as detailed below.




Road Closure Order in place on:

SP002 Holloway Avenue (Between Tipler Court & Windle Drive), Bourne 6/5/2023

SP008 West End, Swaton 6/5/2023

SP026 Millers Gate, Sibsey 6/5/2023

SP035 Highcliffe Road, Grantham 6/5/2023

SP039 The Paddock, Ruskington 6/5/2023

SP050 Valley Road (Between Dysart Road & a point 70m North), Grantham 6/5/2023

SP004 Bourne Road, Swinstead 7/5/2023

SP005 Church Lane, Scredington 7/5/2023

SP006 Church Road, Stow 7/5/2023

SP007 Cowgate, Heckington 7/5/2023

SP009 Grosvenor Road, Frampton 7/5/2023

SP010 Turnberry Close, Grantham 7/5/2023

SP011 Orchid Road, Lincoln 7/5/2023

SP012 Stocks Hill, Ludborough 7/5/2023

SP013 Westgate, Louth 7/5/2023

SP014 North Street, Digby 7/5/2023

SP015 Conduit Road (Between Emlyns Gardens & East Street), Stamford 7/5/2023

SP017 Main Street (Between 200m & 375m Southeast of A607), Honington 7/5/2023

SP018 High Street (Between Stow Road & School Lane), Willingham By Stow 7/5/2023

SP019 Mill Road, Welton Le Marsh 7/5/2023

SP020 The Grove, Lincoln 7/5/2023

SP021 Thonock Drive, Saxilby 7/5/2023

SP022 Chapel Lane, Morton (Near Gainsborough) 7/5/2023

SP023 Belle Vue Road, Lincoln 7/5/2023

SP024 School Lane, Newton 7/5/2023

SP025 Fen Road Metheringham 7/5/2023

SP027 West Barkwith Road (Main Street to a point 100m East), West Torrington 7/5/2023

SP028 Linden Walk, Louth 7/5/2023

SP029 Poppy Road, Witham St Hughs 7/5/2023

SP030 Mill Gate & High Street, Wellingore 7/5/2023

SP031 Cross Lane, North Hykeham 7/5/2023

SP032 Bowthorpe Close, South Hykeham 7/5/2023

SP033 Hervey Road, Sleaford 7/5/2023

SP034 Birkdale Close, Spalding 7/5/2023

SP037 Ickworth Road, Sleaford 7/5/2023

SP040 Queensfield, Gainsborough 7/5/2023

SP041 Welbeck Drive, Spalding 7/5/2023

SP043 Ashfield Road, Sleaford 7/5/2023

SP044 Welby Gardens, Grantham 7/5/2023

SP045 Cobblers Way, Sleaford 7/5/2023

SP046 Rosebery Avenue, Lincoln 7/5/2023

SP047 Holme Road/Kirton Holme Road (A52 to Golf Course), Kirton Holme 7/5/2023

SP049 Pools Drive, Sutterton 7/5/2023

SP051 High Street (Between Church Lane & Orchard Drive), Caythorpe 7/5/2023

SP003 Side Street, Allington 7/5/2023 & 8/5/2023

SP016 Sincil Bank (Between Scorer Street & South end of LNER Stadium), Lincoln 8/5/2023

SP036 Hamilton Way, Coningsby 8/5/2023

SP038 Queens Walk, Stamford 8/5/2023

SP042 Burdett Close, Skegness 8/5/2023

PERIOD OF RESTRICTION: Dates as listed above next to each location

(Restrictions to be implemented as & when required during periods above,

signage detailing accurate dates & times will be displayed on site in advance)


Diversion routes & vehicular/pedestrian access arrangements will be signposted

This information is also available in map form https://one.network/

If you have any queries, or require further information, please contact the LCC Customer Service Centre on 01522 782070.

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