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Information relating to Crime and Anti Social Behaviour

It is imperative that the public and local authorities report crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB). Without reports, the Police do not have evidence for resources, ie. Police time and money.

There are 3 ways for us all to report non-emergency incidents:

1. Crimestoppers – this is totally anonymous. Online https://crimestoppers-uk.org/ and telephone 0800 555 111.

2. Phone 101 - this will be passed to the Police Control Room and to the local Policing Team.

3 Contact your local Policing Team here: https://www.lincs.police.uk/about-us/your-area/teams/sleaford-town-policing-team/ (email, phone, social media, call into local police station)

The police need specific details: time, place, date and names of people where possible.

North Kesteven Anti-Social Behaviour Team can be contacted on ASB@N-KESTEVEN.GOV.UK , further information can be found here and an online form and via the NKDC switchboard (01529) 414155

The Police and NKDC ASB team are working closely together on issues in Sleaford – in particular, drug dealing and general nuisance ASB incidents in the town. The Clerk of Sleaford Town Council is involved with discussions about any problems on the Town Council's land.

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Posted: Tue, 25 May 2021 14:36 by Administrator

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