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  • All public toilets in Sleaford will reopen daily from 9.00am to 3.00pm, from 3rd July...
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  • All play areas in Sleaford and the skate park will reopen from Saturday 4th July...

Reopening of Facilities


2nd July 2020

Reopening of Facilities

Sleaford Town Council are now in a position to reopen the public toilets and play areas safely in line with government guidance. Sleaford Town Council are responsible for the following public toilets which will reopen from Friday 3rd July:

Cemetery (1)

Money's Yard (5)

Museum (1)

Recreation Ground, Boston Road (2)

The toilets will be open on a reduced hours basis to enable thorough cleaning of each of the premises at the end of each day. They will open at 9.00am and close at 3.00pm daily.

The disabled toilet in Money's Yard will continue to be accessible 24 hours a day through the use of a radar key. If you require a key, these can be purchased through the Council.

Particular care should be taken when using these facilities and users must observe social distancing at all times. Please wash your hands before and after using the toilets.

Following the Government announcement, Sleaford Town Council are pleased to open their play areas and skate park from Saturday 4th July.

To minimise any risk to users, please follow the hand washing advice set by the Government before and after using the play equipment and please bring your own hand sanitiser.

If the play areas are busy, please return at a different time once it's quieter.

Please observe social distancing at all times.

Please note that the facilities should not be used by anyone showing signs of Coronavirus or anyone who is self isolating.

Guidance will be displayed at all premises and for the enjoyment of all, the Council implore that this is adhered to.

Posted: Thu, 02 Jul 2020 12:19 by Administrator

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