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Mayor of Sleaford

Councillor Anthony Brand

Councillor Anthony Brand was elected as the Mayor during the Annual General Meeting of the Full Council held on 13th May 2020.

Here is Councillor Brand making his Declaration of Office.

Mayor of Sleaford's Postings

I have become Chair of Sleaford Town Council and Mayor of Sleaford at these disruptive and challenging times. The Town Council has acted responsibly in regard to the working of our staff, regarded by the Government as essential workers and the general public.

This will not be a normal Civic Year and we have already cancelled a number of projected Town events such as the St Deny's Day celebrations and the 1940s show. However, in my year as Mayor, I aspire to initiate a range of projects providing renewal and enhancements across Sleaford. I wish to designate this year as The Spirit of Sleaford. I look forward to working with elected colleagues on the Town Council in pushing ahead with these initiatives. More about these in future posts

We held our first virtual Council meeting on 13th May and it was gratifying to have many members of the public joining the Zoom session. Our next virtual meeting will be held on Wednesday 27th May. The major item on the agenda will be signing off the accounts for last year.

Earlier, we approved a sensible and balanced budget for this Council year but we will need to review this in the light of reduced income streams.

I will provide regular updates on these many issues as we move forward through the year.

Finally let me say that I am delighted to have Councillor Robert Oates as my Deputy.

Councilor Anthony Brand - 20th May 2020

The Mayor of Sleaford and the Town Crier were delighted to attend the official opening on Monday 15th February 2021 of the new Sleaford Post Office which will be run by Mr Lee Taylor, who is also the Sleafordian of the Year for 2021.

Deputy Mayor

Councillor Robert Oates

Councillor Robert Oates was elected as the Deputy Mayor of Sleaford during the Annual General Meeting of the Full Council held on 13th May 2020.

Here is Councillor Oates making his Declaration of Office.

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