• The next Full Council Meeting for Sleaford Town Council will be held at 7.00pm on Wednesday 18th October 2023....
  • The Sleaford Christmas Market will be held on Sunday 3rd December 2023, from 11.00am to 4.30pm.....
  • Enter our Children's Photography Competition! See the What's on in Sleaford section for further details....

Financial Information

End of Year Accounts 2022-2023

End of Year Accounts 2021-2022

End of Year Accounts 2020-21

End of Year Accounts 2019-20

Internal Audit Reports

Estimates of Income and Expenditure

Every year, the Town Council draws up budgets and calculates how much money it needs to provide its services for the next Financial Year. These are usually finalised at the January Full Council meeting and then submitted to North Kesteven District Council (NKDC). NKDC co-ordinate the other demands from Lincolnshire County Council, the Police and themselves and come up with the rate to be paid from 1st April of that year.

Sleaford Town Council's income is drawn from the precept, which is an element of your Council Tax that is paid from NKDC. The remainder of funding for town council services is generated from small charges for services such as the car park and events.

Financial Regulations

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