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Sleaford Cemetery

Opening Times

The Cemetery is open every day from 8.00 am until 4.00 pm.

Entry to the cemetery for vehicles and pedestrians is off Eastgate. There is limited parking at the top of the drive.

Sleaford Cemetery is situated on Eastgate, the entrance is marked by the original stone pillars and gates, (restored in 2007), and a timber frame cottage that used to be the residence of the Cemetery Superintendent and is now a private house.

Cemetery Layout

The Cemetery is laid out as four main areas:

Old Portion (1856 onwards)

New Portion (1884 onwards)

New Section (1941 onwards)

Woodland Section (2004 onwards)

  • Sleaford Cemetery Plan (MS Word, 111 Kb)

    Map showing position of the different sections in the Cemetery.

  • Burial Fees (PDF, 56 Kb)

    A list of the burial and memorial fees for Sleaford Town Council as from 25th November 2020.

Memorial Safety

All the memorials within the cemetery are privately owned and it is not the responsibility of the Town Council to maintain them. However the Town Council does have the duty to ensure that all the headstones and other memorials are in a safe condition. The owner of most memorials will usually be a relative of the deceased at the time of burial but after a period of time this will probably pass to other family members. All memorials receive a periodic inspection and, as a last resort, may be laid down if found to be unsafe. This protects the public and also the memorial is laid down gently rather than possibly falling uncontrolled and being damaged.

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