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Coronavirus - social distancing while attending your allotment plot


Dear Allotment Tenant

The current Government advice regarding allotments, is that it is permitted and safe to tend your allotment – provided that you observe social distancing measures.

Please ensure that if you visit your plot, you stay away from other tenants and adhere to the social distancing measures set out by the Government i.e. maintain at least 2 metres distance between you and others and do not have any unnecessary contact with others.

This advice may change and will be updated on the Council website – www.sleaford.gov.uk


Sleaford has over 150 allotment plots over two sites within Sleaford and vary in size. The approximate size of plots are: Full Plot 750sqm; Half Plot 375sqm and a Starter Plot 187sqm.

If you would like to apply for an allotment in Sleaford, please contact us to be added to the waiting list.

Where are the allotments?

There are two sites:

The Drove - Go to the bottom of The Drove, bear right at the end and the allotments are just over the railway bridge.
Galley Hill - accessed off Millfield Terrace, entrance halfway down on the left, there is also a pedestrian entrance off Tennyson Avenue.

Why have an allotment?

There are a number of reasons to have an allotment:
fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers all year round
if chickens are kept there are fresh eggs
gardening is good exercise

Having an allotment is also a good way to make friends and learn gardening skills.
Sheds are allowed and fresh water is provided.

How much is a plot?

Annual Rental Fees for allotment plots are charged as follows:

£12.20 Starter Plot

£25.00 Half Plot

£50.00 Full Plot

Deposits are charged as per the annual rental fee.

Applying for an allotment.

Please note that there is usually a waiting list for allotments. On the acceptance of an allotment plot, an agreement will need to be signed.

  • Allotment Tenancy Agreement (PDF, 153 Kb)

    Allotment Tenancy Agreement, for information only.

    On guaranteed notification from Sleaford Town Council, tenants will be asked to complete the Allotment Tenancy Agreement.

Last updated: Mon, 11 May 2020 13:11